For those who can't make it to a Swipe-Ed 'iPad is not a PC' face to face workshop this year, you can register instead for a 1 hour web version presented as part of the Independent Schools and Broadband Technology range of webinars.

"Getting the most out of your iPad can be difficult for many of us who are more used to using a traditional PC. This workshop will give you a new understanding of how to link iPad apps together to create a workflow that changes the way you can do work with your device away from a PC-centric model to one that bettersuits the mobile and interactive nature of the iPad.

 In particular attendees will be walked through an example workflow using suggested free apps, and be given access to much of the content of the source-book for this workshop which reached number 1 in the Australian eBook charts for computer-related topics. More information can be found at: "

AITSL Standards for teachers Covered:


Presenter: Mr Jonathan Nalder
Provider: TtEDSC
Platform: Web Conferencing
Target Audience: All educators using iPads or those just interested in tablet pedagogies"

Go here and scroll down to register: 

Thanks to TtEDSC for making this webinar possible.

Thanks to TtEDSC for making this webinar possible.