Jewellery, iBeacon, and/or learning tool?

I was fascinated to read top iBeacon commentator Doug Thompson's latest post last week exploring just how wearable tech in the form of the  Watch will impact the world of iBeacons. Both are important parts of the Apple ecosystem and will obviously only grow in significance over time. 

As an early proponent of exploring Wearable technology in education then, I am excited to announce that the TAFE Queensland English Language and Literacy Service, where I am Digital Learning Co-ordinator, will be running potentially the worlds first Apple Watch classroom trial in early 2015.

Before you jump in with ideas that this is yet another 'throw a shiny thing into a classroom' project, you should know that several elements are being integrated into the pilot such as use of the SAMR model and an extensive curriculum planning period to ensure that the capabilities of the Apple Watch match the learning outcomes that our programs are federally mandated to deliver.

The choice of the Apple Watch itself has been made after careful consideration of both the needs of our students to have cutting edge skills so they standout in the job market, and because of the accessibility features Apple Watch integrates that will specifically support our ESL and ELL students.

Download the press release HERE.