At the massive Edutech 2014 conference in Australia recently the highlight for me was getting to talk with a developer whose iPad locker and content management software is already used widely in schools. Why was this chat so exciting you ask? Well firstly let me point you to a post-Edutech post by Geoff Elwood to whom I was speaking about iBeacons, and this quote in particular:


Doesn't that just sum up some of why educators in the know are so excited about the potential of this new tech to connect learning supported by digital devices back to the real world? No longer will a digital resources (which can be almost any resources nowadays) be just a file on a server or icon on a screen, but how we interact with it can be curated by iBeacons according to where we are, how close we are (or aren't) or even what time it is and what cohort or interest group I belong to

I encourage you to read the whole post and look out for some more big news soon about how Geoff is working to not just talk about iBeacons, but do something massive to assist schools with using them as well...