Came across a link to this on twitter today while perusing the #iBeacons tag. It's a short video of a teacher in a Kuwaiti school demonstrating how they are using Estimote beacons to push information to parents as they arrive at different sections of the school, or when they attend parent-teacher interviews. Its another simple but effective example of iBeacons proving their worth in education - and the more applications we see, the more will be sparked.

The video shows the notifications working on iOS and Android devices - turns out that the app service it mentions them using - Lightcurb, supports both via its free beacon-scanning app. I hadn't heard of them before but am happy to see they also sell Android compatible beacons for those using that platform. I'll be reaching out to them to see what else they offer for schools. I did see they have a free trial of their web-service available at the moment.