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WHAT are some educational applications of beacons?

Here are some ideas we have gathered so far:


    • The 'push' features of this technology will allow different messages/triggers which are dependent on proximity. typically near,mid-distance and far within a circle of ~150feet(50metres) this zone extends vertically as well..
    • Any possibly application could have an initial message on approach, another as the receiver gets within 'visual' range(10-20 metres/30-60ft) and then another finally at closest proximity (1-3metres/10ft)
    • View this world's first application for students at Mathew Flinders College in Australia at iBeacon leader Paul Hamilton's blog.
    • An alternative application could triangulate the location of the receiver. (it takes two points to draw a straight line  on a plane/ three point to locate a position) The receiver could then be taken on a tour or follow a virtual signposted path..without the visual signposts..ideal for anyone visually impaired
    • school directory for visitors
    • school map for students/staff(!)
    • replacement school bulletin/newsletter
    • attendance verification eg roll marking - see example HERE
    • school entry and exit welcome messages
    • locate students in a room or building eg. seating plan lunchtime hangouts 


    • Maths-Geography A SIRI linked direction game for finding a geo-cache. Ability to hear and follow directions. Various levels of difficulty. Left/right/forward, North 40˚East 20 paces, N40E 30metres interactively the least number of directions is the most succesful. Could ask for directions, be turn based. 
    • .

    See also these ideas from LearnerLab that might kick off some of your own.

    More to come...

    Content contributors - Jonathan Nalder, Gary Bass