There are already pockets of educators, experts and ‘Edunauts’ who are ahead of the curve and working to aid a transition to a successful future, but they often feel isolated and lack support and so are able to contribute to only one element of the solution. 

FUTURE-U is committed to regularly engaging with these key experts, researchers and mars-shot thinkers to explore how developments in digital technology, Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, Biotech, Virtual and Augmented Reality and space exploration can provide solutions and not just problems.

To the end, FUTURE-U.ORG is committed to

  1. Partnering with experts and leading thinkers from across the globe, and 
  2. Providing community, support and nurturing for their work 



There are several different roles to which these pioneers are contributing:

More info on additional pioneers and the amazing projects they represent coming soon...


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