TEAM GUIDE or, what to do next.

Already, having you as a supporting expert or even advisory board member is making a huge difference in refining the ways Future-U can have an impact in the middle of the huge transition across tech, work and education that we are all living through. Supporting this organisation means you are part of helping a big-picture solution emerge that can benefit learners and workers everywhere.



To recap for everyone, being listed as a supporting expert means that you are able to share advice and relevant contacts, answer the occasional project question, help spread the word online, and contribute if you are able to things like the Future-U book. 


NEXT: You may be wondering what comes next though? The launch team is working on: 

  1. Regular articles and a book to explain the problem and solution
  2. Deploying the ‘mission’ projects to translate frameworks and goals into real-world impact 
  3. Sharing about your work and projects as they also further our common goals


Could you please:


  1. Let us know the best title, website, social media and other links to use for you when we update the team page on our website AND so we can follow you
  2. Nominate an article or project on you that we can immediately share about
  3. ‘Like’ the page
  4. Share the 'A3 Model' PDF and the articles and discussion starters that are posted to Twitter, FB, Medium or the website as you come across them
  5. Volunteer ideas as you get them, and allow us to share relevant ideas with you