When everything is mobile, we reset. Press ... NOW


After being featured in the Horizon Report for many years, we can finally say that Mobile devices such as iPads are the new PC’s. Long live mobile! But what else can the Horizon report tell us about current and future tech? What are the challenges and wicked problems which are waiting for us just over the EdTech horizon? Hear NMC K12 Ambassador and Horizon Report contributor Jonathan Nalder explore this and also reveal how Slide2Learn and NMC built a Citizen Science course that illustrates how apps and Bluetooth devices have broken down barriers and are leading learning into the Internet of Things and beyond.


The last ten years

- Hz report, 2006-2010, 2014 http://www.nmc.org/publications/2014-horizon-report-k12

- me and Tony, June 2006 forums, early contact. 2007 emailing about Palm Lifedrive 

- Slide2Learn 2010


  • Now we are undoubtably in PostPC world - old 2011 slides
  • the doesn’t mean we have it all figured out tho - challenges and problems
  • and what about for Slide2Learn - next? our problem Slide image - out in grounds of cathedral right now!
  • Hz - wearables, location iBeacons