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This session is designed for secondary school teachers, curriculum leaders, heads of department and technology coaches with some experience or an interest in using iPad & Apple technology for teaching and learning.


Increasingly, schools are integrating personal learning devices (PLDs) such as the iPad into their practice. The advantages for pedagogy, productivity and learning can be enormous - but successful 1:1 deployments also require detailed planning, as well as a sense of what’s possible.

> This session will address this by giving attendees time to consider:

Decision making when rolling out 1:1 PLD’s:


Having everybody (students and parents included) in agreement on why iPads are being deployed is a vital step.

  • McGregor SHS reason? Staff will have the chance to input ideas on why they are deploying personal learning devices by contributing at   (to set up your own polls sign up at
  • Apple's own key reasons regarding iPad and Education can be examined here 
  • Jonathan’s ideas from 10 years of experience in this area:
    • Simple,
    • Mobile,
    • Personal,
    • Creative,
    • Redefines and challenges pedagogy



There are several steps which successful 1:1 programs follow. We will spend some time looking at these in the context of the big picture, as well as at a classroom level.

  • Best to begin asking 'how not to?'  >  Jonathan's Tips:
    • Know why,
    • Start small,
    • Involve parents and students,
    • Find champions (teachers and students),
    • Tell the story
  • 1 steps to 1-1 Success PDF

BONUS IDEA: iStick iPad USB sticks - more info here




What is possible? While planning and preparation are important, its also important to spend some time exploring the Apps and capabilities that regular access to iPads bring for redefining classrooms

Apps (with links):

> Sketching and drawing:  Skitch   •  Paper by FiftyThree

 > Airplay:  Overview here   •  Reflector app to install on laptop here

> 'WOW' apps (demo with caution!)  PhotoMath   •   Wonders of the Galaxy    •   Sphere   



Participants are asked to bring along an iPad with internet access, along with the following additional free apps, as well as have the ability to sign into the App Store:

    •    Skitchview in App Store


Key Concepts: 1:1, iPad, SAMR model, personal learning devices, app workflows  


> Facilitated by Apple Certified Consultant Jonathan Nalder


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