Swipe-Ed workshop: SAMR + B Connected 

This is the resource page to support our Feb 10 workshop.

Watch the video above to hear Dr Ruben Puentedura explain some of the origins of his SAMR model during a 2013 interview with Jonathan.


  • Online chat space HERE.

    • Share your SAMR definitions 
    • Also leave some feedback afterwards - one random person will win an app of their choice (up to $10)


  • B Connected apps for SAMR task - download HERE.


  • Dr Puentedura's own PDF overview of SAMR HERE.


  • 6 min Youtube overview by Dr Puentedura HERE.


  • 12 min Youtube overview HERE.


  • SAMR learning journey chart - download HERE.


  • Pinterest site of SAMR resources to explore more HERE.


  • Good PDF overview with eg's over time HERE.


Feedback via or use the social links below:

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