I've been developing this concept for the last two years based on my many years of attending conferences where one-off ideas are presented without a big picture framework for attendees to plug their thoughts into or develop themselves. This session would address these issues. I mean, We are educators - we should already know much of what makes for good learning - lets just acknowledge it, and get to work because - EDUCATION MATTERS.

So, what is the Build theory? It starts with a blank page, then a discussion, a brainstorm, some key advice from research, and then diverges into a personal plan that can become the foundation for which every audience member can build the rest of their digital strategy upon. > Why centre on only one concept or idea when a keynote or workshop session using the Build theory can help you use your existing building blocks in better ways?

Rather than following a traditional powerpoint, live Build sessions see attendees sketching, drawing on paper and sharing their ideas for all to see. These notes are then scanned live and displayed to all ahead of a poll that sees everyone collaborating and voting. The final section encompasses reflection time for people to refine their own vision and record it for future planning.

Discussion Questions:

A. What is your No.1 building block for education today?
B. What framework do I already know about or use to guide planning?
C. How could I categorise my blocks so I can explain my theory to others?

Overview video: HERE

Contact me to book a live Build session for yourself or your staff.

Developed with vital input from Dr Ruben Puentedura, New Media Consortium K-12 Ambassadors, E20, Stephen Heppel, Graham Brown-Martin, Cathy Hunt, John Burns, Francis Kneebone, Andrew Churches, Sarah Brady, Dean Groom, Rhys Cassidy and many more.